Directioners often ship, or put together, the boys or the boys's girlfriends and on most occations..themselves. There are many different ship names. Some of them cause controversy among the fandom such as The Larry Shippers vs The Elounor Shippers.

Ship names

Here are the ship names:

Boy in the band + Boy in the band

  • ~Larry Stylinson {Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles}

  • ~Zouis {Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik}

  • ~Nouis {Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan}

  • ~Lilo {Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne}

  • ~Niam {Liam Payne and Niall Horan}

  • ~Zarry {Zayn Malik & Harry Styles}

  • ~Ziall {Zayn Malik & Niall Horan}

  • ~Ziam {Zayn Malik & Liam Payne}

  • ~Narry {Harry Styles & Niall Horan}
  • ~Lirry {Liam Payne and Harry}
Liam payne and harry styles 2

Boy in the band + Person outside of the band

~Elounor {Louis Tomlinson & his girlfriend Eleanor Calder}

~Zerrie {Zayn Malik & his girlfriend Perrie Edwards}

~Haylor {Harry Styles& his ex Taylor Swift}

~Nemi {Niall Horan & Demi Lovato}

~Payzer {Liam Payne & ex Danielle Peazer}

~Sophiam {Liam Payne & Sophia Smith} 

~Hararry {Harry Styles + Cara Delevigngneieienfngenwhatever}

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