Fun Facts About Liam Payne!

His trademark is plaid

Loves snuggling and Disney movies.

Liam says if he was a girl he would date Zayn.

Dates no younger than 13!

Hates loud girls.

Likes quiet, happy, and smiley girls.

Thinks dedicated fans are the cutest.

Favorite color is purple .

Is a Zayn fan.

Finds knee high socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing, and tattoos a turn on.

Used to wear girl clothes.

Once a fan asked if she could lick his face.

If he could eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be chocolate because it's chocolatey.

Dream Valentine is Kim Kardashian.

Got ranked #8 in Sugarscapes' Top 50 Hottest Males of 2011.

Starts almost every song.

Got bullied in school.

Liam can impersonate Kermit the Frog

Liam's nickname is "Daddy Direction"

Liam plucks his eyebrows.

Liam is a secret Justin Bieber fan.

Liam can't live without his hairwax.

Has a strange fear of spoons.

Liam threw up on the Queen of England

Liam's favorite food is Sugar Puffs

Has 25 bodygaurds

his B-Day is August 29 1993

He can Beatbox

He once said the cure to One Direction Infection is a kiss from Harry Styles

He wants to be muscular

He caught a tiger shark

He is king of monopoly

His middle name is James

He follows many of his followers

He does many twitcams

On the "One Thing" behind the scenes he kisses Zayn Malik on the cheek...also a while after he says "I'm freezing my peanuts off!"

He loves turtles.

He sings the first verse in almost every song.

He tried out for the x-factor in 2008 and got to judges house then got booted off.

Fun Facts About Louis Tomlinson!

He has a dirty blond hair and its usually messy

is afraid of growing up

Loves Chloe harnett

He is the funniest member in One Direction

Dated a girl named Kaylynn

Is best friends with Cassidy

After watching New Moon, he pretended to be Edward Cullen for the rest

Would love to date a fan.

Once mooned his teacher.

If he were a fan, he would fancy Harry. <3

Loves Chelsie Beebe

Favorite band is The Fray'.

Dates no younger than 17.

Loves shopping, but won't admit it.

His girlfriend cannot be tidy.

Favorite Color is red.

Plays the piano very well.

Born on Christmas Eve!

Loves girls who eats carrots.

Is the prankster of the band, and everyone's best friend.

Very loud and outgoing.

Speaks some French.

Favorite kind of date is: Dinner and a movie

Pants'd Niall in a service station.

Calls his mum every night.

In 1D's 53 minute and 14 second long album, he gets 1 minute and 29 seconds worth of solos.

Favorite song is Look After You by The Fray.

The best present he got for Christmas was a mattress from his mom.

Likes to party, and watch the movie "Grease"

Dislikes cheesy pick up lines and baked beans.

If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be Narnia.

In Sugarscapes top 50 hottest males of 2011, he was #4.

Cries during Romantic Comedies.

Doesn't see the point in Flings or Short-Term relationships.

Loves girls with glasses, fake or not.

When bored, he likes to poke Harry to annoy him and play with Harry's hair.

Makes Harry cook for him since he can't cook.

Good with kids.

Calls Harry Pumpkin.

Likes to give shoutouts.

Prank calls Niall when he's bored and Harry's not around.

Prefers kissing to hugging.

Sleep walks.

Hates girls who are Snobby and Good Two Shoes

Loves girls with strong accents.

Wishes to wear high heels sometimes because he feels he is short.

Not good at playing hard to get.

Cannot live without his mom.


Thinks Zayn has freakishly large hands.

Has no cousins.

Confronts his hate with humor.

Thinks girls who blush are to die for.

Has size 10 feet.

Goes for Cheeky Girls.

Loves the shows Misfits and One Tree Hill.

Likes to get to know girls before a relationship.

Doesn't care how many girls he gets first, he wants a son.

Says the other guys can't wear stripes, and can't date his sisters.

Middle name is William.

Once got dumped for being unattractive.

He has the biggest biceps of the group.

Loves feet.

Doesn't want to grow up. Just wants to stay immature forever.

Acts like a five year old in the video diaries

Knows a lot about art

Likes Big Time Rush

Thinks that Samantha Bennett is extremely amazing.

Fun Facts About... Harry Styles!

Harry says his worst habit is getting naked

His favorite film is Love Actually.

Favorite band is The Beatles.

His favorite TV show is Family Guy.

Celeb Crush: Cheryl Cole.

Is dating Alicia Marin.

Man Crush: Louis Tomlinson.

He gets turned on by pussy cats, hair extensions and giggling.

Swearing and squealing turns him off

On a date he would wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, a nice top and a blazer.

His perfect girl would have a good sense of humor, cute and someone who is loyal

One Direction’s name was his idea.

Harry's a fan of the Hunger Games.

Harry was described as cheeky and charming by the rest of the band. He says he finds his naked body a bit disappointing

He has 4 nipples.

Fell into the water at the Bronx Zoo

He Loves Cats.

Flirty one in band.

Favorite song is Flowers in the Window by: Travis

His audition song for x factor was Isn't She Lovely.

If someone doesn't like him he wants to know why they don't.

He has an older sister named Gemma.

He is the youngest in the band.

He is the only one in the band at the moment without a quiff.

He believes age is just a number

He once had a full on coversation with a cat while he was drunk.

Liam that when they are in the car he tells pointless stories to bore everyone.

He is a funny and cute boy.

When he likes a girl he will keep trying to make eye contact with her in hope that she sees him.

When him and Louis got into a fight he cried.

He doesn't like it when girls complain about their weight; he wants them to know they are beautiful.

All the boys agree, that he would be the best boyfriend because he would give up everything and give the world to his girl.

He always kisses on the first date

He has the most twitter followers out of all the boys

Fun Facts About.... Niall Horan!

Wears Braces "New 2 him"

Good friends with Josh Devine, 1D's Drummer

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Is Abstinant.

Would rather lick a fat man's armpit than drown in a sea of mayonnaise.

doesnt matter about age as long as he is in love he would date anyone.

Loves sleeping almost as much as eating.

Wants to live at hawaii.

Would date a fan as long as she didn't act like a fan girl in front of him.

Favorite color is pink

is in love with megan fox and her boobs.

want to have sexy boobs.

Is a Liam fan and hates queen elizabeth.

Loves brown eyes.

Dream Valentine is Demi Lavato

Can't live without his heart.

Favorite song is Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

He got #1 in Sugarscape's top 50 Hottest feMales of 2011.

he has been adopted several times.

Can't live without sleep.

Does his Irish dances when he's bored.

Loves shy girls.

The only book Niall has read is To Kill a Mockingbird.

Loves giraffes.

Would like to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Is naturally a dark brunette.

Had to do 9 takes on the set of an iCarly episode because he kept laughing.

Likes blonde hair boys.

Sang Party In The USA when he arrived at LAX.

Once had a dream that all the food in the world was gone, then woke up seeing he had no penis.

Cried the most when he had a baby.

Will say yes whenever megan fox asks to marry him.

Says he's a big and fat..

Doesn't like strip clubs.

He has published a four part diary.

Is Catholic.

Is the butt of most of Louis' practical jokes.

Has a statue of President Obama because he hates him.

He likes hardees.

He's the 'group clown'.

He is left handed.

He is the only one in the band with a lesbian.

is a wholesome sweetheart

Does not have a tattoo

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