A One Direction event which causes wonder and astonishment. Context: "The new One Direction video is #1Derful"


The collective name for a group of One Direction fans. Context: "The 1Dfamily love the new single."


A way of describing something 1D have done which causes great surprise. Context: "@zaynmalik you look amazayn in the video for One Thing!"


An object which is shiny, bright and talented. Context: "@real_liam_payne you are just brilliam in the What Makes You Beautiful video!"


A directioner is a hardcore fun, to reach this level requires massive 1Dedication. Context: "Yes, of course I'm a 1D fan, I'm a directioner!"


A directionator is someone who thinks they're a fan of 1D but don't know anything about the band, they strive to be a directioner. Context: "What would you know about Harry's first pet, you're just a directionator?"


When something One Direction have done is beyond what is ordinary or usual. Context: "He looks extrodonharry in the video for Gotta Be You"


When the boys have done something which is almost impossible to believe it is said to be fabulouis. Context: "Those dance moves were fabulouis"


Narnians are fans of One Direction who are outside of the UK, the boys are currently gaining popularity in the US, Canada and Australia. Context: "Give up, you'll never meet them, you're a Narnian!"


A way of describing something related to One Direction which is extraordinary or outstanding. Context: "One Direction are just phenominiall!"