aka Jessie Mcurdy

  • LouisTomlinsonandHarryStyles
    • I grew up in Trenton,NJ
    • I would love to meet One Direction
    • If I were a celebrity I would wanna meet One Direction
    • My Favorite band is One Direction
    • I'm 17
    • I love shopping but I don't really get to go shopping -.-
    • My Favorite color is Red
    • I can play the Piano
    • I was born on November 28th 1995
    • I love to eat Carrots
    • I can be anyone's friend
    • I can tease my sisters very well
    • I'm loud, and outgoing but I really can't -.-
    • I can speak some Italian and Greek
    • My Dad is from Greece and my mom is from Italy
    • My favorite song is One Thing by One Direction
    • The best present I got for Christmas was my first camera
    • I like to go to parties and I like to watch Finding Nemo
    • I dislike llama beans and beans
    • If I could go anywhere in the world it would be England
    • I cry when I see one …
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