Hello again :D

As everyone on this wiki should know, today is Liam Payne's birthday!! I'm so happy, I was counting down the days!! I've written "Daddy Direction" on my wrist like everyone on the internet said to do and I'm wearing a yellow ribbon in my hair. But I don't know why they said yellow when liam's favourite color is purple, so I wrote in purple on my wrist :) My friend (who shall remain un-named) is making him a cake tonight for London times, I think that's really sweet :)

Anyway, here is my One Direction quote to end my post

Question: What could you do for the sake of the audience ratings?

Louis: We could all get naked

Zayn: Shall we?

(Me: YES!!)

Niall: No!!

Louis: Not now, later

(Me: Damn, gunna have to see what they're doing later :P)