Hello :D

Guess what, it's 13 days till Niall's birthday :D I can't wait. Niall and Louis are my favourite Direction boys so I'm getting pumped for his birthday. I'm gunna make him a cake and bring it to school for my friends to eat to help me celabrate :) I wonder what the fan girla are doing for Niall's birthday, probably write "Nialler" on our wrist's and wear a green hair tie. And eat Nando's for dinner :D I wish, where I live there isn't a Nando's so I'll just have to eat chicken :P Anyway here is my One Direction quote

Question: Similar to the London fires back in medieval times, it happenes again and you guys are all in London. The Helicopter has room for all 5 of you but only one item, not each just collectively.

Louis: One item?

Hamish (Interviewer): Yeah

Louis: One box of cereal

Andy (Other Interviewer): What is the the cereal of choice for One Direction

Harry: Cornflakes

Louis: It's a standard but not a favourite

Niall: Everyone likes Cornflakes
Kevin Cheats

How could you Kevin? Don't worry Louis, I'll be your pigeon :D

Hamish: I would be surprised if Cornflakes adopts that as their slogan, "It's a standrad, not a favourite"