aka Haley Tomlinson

  • I live in I reside with Louis and Harry <3
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Manager at One Direction Land <3
  • I am Female
  • MrsTomlinson
    • After watching New Moon, he pretended to be Edward Cullen for the rest of the night, a'n'd constantly bit Harry.
    • Would love to date a fan.
    • Once mooned his teacher.
    • If he were a fan, he would fancy Harry.
    • Favorite band is The Fray'''.
    • Dates no younger than 17.
    • Loves shopping, but won't admit it.
    • His girlfriend cannot be tidy.
    • Favorite Color is Red.
    • Plays the piano very well.
    • Born on Christmas Eve!
    • Loves girls who eats carrots.
    • Is the prankster of the band, and everyone's best friend.
    • Very loud and outgoing.
    • Speaks some French.
    • Favorite kind of date is: Dinner and a movie.
    • Dream Valentine is..............Harry Styles. WOOT WOOT LARRY STYLINSON!
    • Pants'd Niall in a service station.
    • Calls his mom every night.
    • In 1D's 53 minute and 14 second long album, he gets 1 m…
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