Ok guys, so i found this site, the main wikia page, and if we are going to get a major help with the visuals and stuff, the requirements are:

  • You should be an active admin on the wiki with roughly 100 edits (globally). ("you" means the person asking)
  • All active admins should be in agreement with receiving help from AST on the wiki.
  • The wiki should have roughly 50 content pages (stubs are okay, but should not be the majority).
  • The wiki should have a steady and calm atmosphere.

This is not good, as we only have about 10 pages, and we need about 40 more. and 1D Crazy doesn't work on any other wikia, so she only has however many edits are on her page right now: 1DCrazy. So please comment what you think should be done. Zakzedd 08:53, March 3, 2012 (UTC)

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